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Who are you?

Designer Collections Foundation is a not-for-profit social-enterprise foundation run by Lucy Golub. Designer Collections gathers and resells pre-owned designer accessories, jewelry and designer clothing and donates the proceeds to deserving charities, while offering leadership and service opportunities to socially conscious youth.

Why did you start?

Designer Collections Foundation was created in an effort to support deserving charities while also offering opportunities for teens to become involved with a grassroots social enterprise. After noticing the quality and quantity of clothing being donated or given away by friends and family, Designer Collections founders Lucy and Jack Golub realized a great way to raise money would be to collect and sell high-end clothing and donating the proceeds to a select group of worthy philanthropies. 

Designer Collections works with fashion experts to provide fair valuations of donated pieces and reputable resale agents to ensure the highest possible return. An added benefit of this endeavor is that fashionistas on a budget have the opportunity to purchase coveted name brand items at a discount!  Designer Collections is working to bring the highest possible return to all parties involved. Donors can make a greater impact by contributing items that will be sold by knowledgeable resale agents who understand the value of items, buyers can obtain high-end clothing and accessories in good condition at a discounted rate, teens learn how to make an impact through both philanthropy and commerce and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charities!

What do you do?

We collect high-quality designer accessory, jewely and clothing donations and sell them at discounted prices, but hopefully higher net prices than a standard thrift shop gets. We then donate 100% of the proceeds from each sale to a charity of the donor’s choice. That way, the charities benefit even more from the donor’s generosity.

Which charities do you support?

Please refer to the the Charities page to get a full list and description of the charities we support. We hope to add to this list as we grow, so please feel free to call us with information on other deserving charities at 212-574-8422. 

How do I donate clothes?

Please follow the instructions on the Donate page. Designer Collections makes pick-ups in Manhattan or can provide pre-paid shipping labels.

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